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> I have one additional request: Will someone please let me know (if
> anyone does know) the spoiler of what exactly the God Learners did
> which (I presume) ended the Second Age?

I don't think it was any one thing. The problems the God Learners created built up over a period of time (there's hints of some of the backlash starting in the Mongoose Second Age book). The Closing, which which really did for their overseas empire, was, most likely, caused by Zzabur finally getting pissed off with them. Nobody knows for sure, since of course, the Closing itself prevented anyone from asking, but it started by radiating out from Brithos, and since Zzabur is effectively a god in his own right, he would most certainly have the power to do that kind of thing. (It wouldn't be the first time he cast a spell that changed the world, after all - he ended the Ice Age, too).

But it wasn't just the Closing that did for the God Learners. There were huge magical disasters across the world, changing coastlines, wiping the Jrusteli off the face of the map, and generally causing problems for people. Sometimes the proximate cause is fairly clear - we know that the Luatha were responsible for what happened to Old Seshnela, for instance - but sometimes its less immediately obvious.

The implication is that the God Learners wrecked the world so much that bits of it just began to snap back. It wasn't one event; it was several. Since gods, as a rule, can't do much of their own volition since that whole pesky Time business started, it's either god-like beings, or the Gloranthan equivalent of the FR Overmind (if I'm understanding your description of that correctly) deciding that "enough is enough, dammit". The God Learners broke the universe by bits, rather in one single mighty cock-up.

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