Re: Praxian White Bull brotherhood

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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 06:59:06 -0000

This is what I learned from design discussions about Nomad Gods scenarios:

The white bull (or, depending on your Praxian tribe, white buck, white cock, etc) is the beast that can't be caught (elsewhere known as Silver Deer) viewed through the eyes of a Praxian beast rider. It appears as a magnificent wild (read free) specimen of your herd beast.

It appears to be a reaction to the Lunar magic ("invisible red ropes") that attempts to ensnare all the tribal herds, mentioned in KoS (Argrath Saga, if I remember correctly).

I'm a bit fuzzy about it right now, but I seem to recall that only someone qualified to become a Khan of Waha by descent was able to face the bull.

I believe that Tatius had a couple of magicians prepare a magic that would ensure no disturbances from Prax during the preparations of the new Reaching Moon temple (which sits on the border of Prax, after all). Possibly a Lunar infiltration of the magics of the Paps, where all the Protectresses can be contacted. If you control the Praxian herds, you basically control their clans, too - without herds, there is no survival in the chaparral.

Whatever this magic was, it probably tried to affect the White Bull spirit as well, acting against its job description. So it revealed itself to tribesmen, who then followed its lead to march on Pavis (where the Lunars controlling Prax were centered).

Marching on Pavis or Dragon Pass always has a chance to be a Jaldon event.

What happened to the White Bull army is fairly well described in KoS.            

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