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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 23:26:23 +0900

Dear great friends:

> That is to say, there is a deliberate obscurity and confusion
> here from the author.

Oh, I see. We enjoyed confusion.

> BUT, that nonetheless, I tend to think of the Travel part as movement in
> the physical world, while Journey is travel in the Other side.

My initial thinking is "Travel" is usual HQ while "Journey" is experimental....

>And that is why the English Legal System and its successors
>are riddled with expressions such as "cease and desist",
>"aid and abet", "fit and proper" and so on.

Hmm, new knowledge here. Valare is from small Dara Happan city. So the latter might be dara happan...?

>Travel appears to be derived from travail, work. In physics, it is
>used to name the distance that goes into work. (Work = Force *
>Distance). Originally, this may have something to do with having
>achieved the distance.

Your opinion is same as my japanese friend.

Anyway, single true answer doesn't exist in Mythology. Thank you for your answers.

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>registered you will also see quotes from the sources, not just the
>page numbers.

Please, don't seduce me, I have already used too much charge with this Index by celluar phone....


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