Re: Sons of Terasarin

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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:32:49 GMT

In message <> "Adam Betteridge" writes:

>Can anyone tell me the name of Terasarin's son that married the
>chieftan of the Tovtaros when the Aldachuri joined Sartar?
>Was it Loricon or Darnangle?

As it doesn't say in KoS probably no one knows. Given the wording I'd guess it was a son who wasn't important enough for his name to be remembered.

>Also does anyone know why none of Terasarin's children followed him
>onto the throne of Sartar?

Because the throne doesn't pass from father to son. Any of the heirs of Sartar can become King. Which one of those many people depends on who has the most support. Why Salinarg was chosen we don't know, he was obviously a bad choice but the alternatives could have been worse. Or perhaps the Lunars got him appointed to make it easier to conquer Sartar.

Donald Oddy


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