Re: What do they look like?

From: cj.bachofner <cj_bachofner_at_LjQAD9K4xphjRQ_cwrO5O28GQ9O8FCDAQ1ciyUFk-pPafZx-5LtAq_0DHpUj3q7>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 09:59:35 -0000

I would never imagine the wealth of information in your answers! Thank you, i have loads of stuff to put into my campaign now.

Hehe, god learnes as flash gordon like byzantines, very funny and plausible, i will use that. Perhaps with a touch of 14th century europeans.

And darra happans as a mix between classical greek and assyrian, niiice.

My players are part of a orlanthi trive that will look like picts (and behave). Orlanthi, i have learned, look mainly like, vikings, but we want pict so picts it is!

This is a good discussion group.


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