What do they look like?

From: cj.bachofner <cj_bachofner_at_aNobxQ4VUWdD9PRbe6PFaSFE604f_f1o1n0l-Pn95_ansJErx6Et0HHp2fzEwcG>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:28:33 -0000

Hello all

The last couple of months i have bought several of the MRQ books and supplements, i like it. Second age glorantha is fabolous to play in and my players love it, but...

After all these supplements and books i still dont know what:
*the god learners look like, civilian or military?
*the dara happans look like, civilian or military?

Do they look roughly like assyrians, greeks, romans, aztec or what??

When it comes to EWF and Orlanth there is slightly more information but not near enough

And then there is the question how they all behave during military action. Something about tactics please (yes the dara happans use spear a lot but then what?), i mean most of the supplements is "campaign" supplements...

So please someone, can you help me whith looks and behavior of
*god learners
*dara happans

Yours grateful


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