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>Hello all
>The last couple of months i have bought several of the MRQ books and
>supplements, i like it. Second age glorantha is fabolous to play in
>and my players love it, but...
>After all these supplements and books i still dont know what:
>*the god learners look like, civilian or military?
>*the dara happans look like, civilian or military?
>Do they look roughly like assyrians, greeks, romans, aztec or what??
>When it comes to EWF and Orlanth there is slightly more information
>but not near enough

There are some pictures in "Glorantha the Second Age" Page 58 for Dara Happens; Pages 10, 17 and 43 for Malkioni; and Page 30 for Orlanthi. The Orlanthi on page 37 is atypical being a female warrior.

In general terms the God Learners are european medieval, Dara Happens are either Ancient Persian or Greek depending on your preferences and Orlanthi are Celtic/Viking.

>And then there is the question how they all behave during military
>action. Something about tactics please (yes the dara happans use
>spear a lot but then what?), i mean most of the supplements
>is "campaign" supplements...

Dara Happen tactics are based on the Stone Phalanxes, one from each of their cities. These are classical Greek phalanxes not the later Macedonian ones. Light infantry and cavalry act in a supporting role.

Orlanthi tactics are based on the clan fyrd forming up in a shieldwall while individual warriors fight duels with opponents. This is described in detail in "Thunder Rebels" which although written for Hero Wars is more an Orlanthi source book than a rulebook.

The God Learners are typical medieval armies with knights and armoured infantry equipped with spears and polearms.

Bear in mind that magic has a significant effect on tactics. The Orlanthi have flying warriors which their enemies will have learnt to counter. How much you want to consider this depends on your game.

>So please someone, can you help me whith looks and behavior of
>*god learners
I don't think you'll get an answer for the EWF as a whole. It includes both Dara Happens, Orlanthi and many others. Each of them are different. The are some pictures of Draconic mystics in the "Magic of Glorantha" book.

>*dara happans

I hope that helps. I can go into more detail on the military side if you want but I tend to drift into my interpretation of things rather than anything official.

Donald Oddy


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