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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_4-nql3HVOnvVv12ff3q4A8bmqRtoLoGL6AR1y1qyKc9UtpsddSxjEobu_gQte7tm7CB5Z>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:03:56 -0700

>> The concept of Pure Rune metals and Iron suppressing magic dates all
>> the way back to RQ1, though hidden in the section on "Use of Iron"
> on page 61.
> Also mentioned on page 7 (coinage).

Whoops, you're right - I skipped right over that section. Though it's on page 8, and in "Technological Base" in my copy :-).

>> I don't ever recall a pure rune metal allowing use of a specific
> type > of spell, though (Gold allowing Fire magic, frex). That may
> have been
>> in a magazine article that I haven't read, however.
> Elder Secrets mentioned in the Rune Metal descriptions that light
> spells cast on gold surfaces had double intensity. Extrapolate from
> there...

Hmm, prossibly, though that was never a link I made (though, to be fair, I started with RQ1 back in '78, so by the time Elder Secrets came out, I was pretty set in my ways about how magic worked).

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