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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:58:14 -0000

Roderick Robertson:
>>> The concept of Pure Rune metals and Iron suppressing magic dates 
>>> all the way back to RQ1, though hidden in the section on "Use of 
>>> Iron" on page 61.

>> Also mentioned on page 7 (coinage).

> Whoops, you're right - I skipped right over that section. Though
> it's on page 8, and in "Technological Base" in my copy :-).

That's what you get for quoting from memory... I didn't even bother to look it up in the index.

>> Elder Secrets mentioned in the Rune Metal descriptions that light
>> spells cast on gold surfaces had double intensity. Extrapolate from
>> there...

> Hmm, prossibly, though that was never a link I made (though, to be
> fair, I started with RQ1 back in '78, so by the time Elder Secrets
> came out, I was pretty set in my ways about how magic worked).

As an (al)chemist by profession, I dug a bit into that. Use lead for crushing (and heavy but stealthy gear), brass for generating sounds (be it strings or trumpets), mercury for transmutations, iron for separateness (doesn't alloy), etc...

Copper is a bit tricky there - a systemic poison to plants, yet the earth metal... metal being dead by definition (of the fertility cults and cultures), maybe that's a special effect.            

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