Re: Upcoming Minis

From: Gregory Privat <gloarmy_at_Rb9vxZqSHQdBItdAALKC0vGGMPnlKPmZ3kjA5ehWXJjTGvbRxBlokktmy1hQGccbvDGj>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 19:13:47 +0200

Oh and something I have to say : I ve not painted it, it was already painted like that : not my fault.
Le 19 juin 08 à 19:11, Gregory Privat a écrit :

> I ve bought the guy with the sling some time ago on ebay. Not because
> it was so cool, but because it was an obvious piracy of the Thunder
> Rebels cover. At that time it was sold with the alynx and a specific
> base....
> made a fast picture I ve put there :
> I ve been willing to tell you about that miniature for long and I kept
> forgeting...
> Greg

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