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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 01:21:09 GMT

In message <> Greg Stafford writes:
>bryan_thx wrote:
>> As for what the shaman would do on such a day, I think it would be
>> more challening when seperated from most of his people. To contact
>> the ancestor spirits surely it helps to be on ground holy to
>> them....which would probably be the tula? And to have 'things' in
>> which there were interested, like a crowd of their descendants?
>I think that the basic response is that he would do whatever he normally
>does. That is, he sits down and does the ancestor Ritual. He knows that
>sometimes it is easy, sometime hard, sometimes even fails when he is
>there with all the people. He knows ways to work harder, but doesn't
>have to use them all the time.
>I think that missing actual spirit world contact with Ancestors once
>would be lonely and mildly worrisome. But I think that some of the
>Sararites/Orlanthi are used to being away from their family for years,
>both physical and spiritual. So it might not be a problem, or at least,
>not a crisis, for quite a while.

How much relationship is there between location in the mundane world and location in the spirit plane? Or the hero plane, the essence plane and the god plane for that matter?

My impression was that there are correspondences which make it easier to get to events on these planes if you are in the right mundane place. However there is no requirement for this and something like contacting ancestoral spirits could be done anywhere in the mundane world. The shaman knows where they are on the spirit plane and goes there. At worst he may enter the spirit plane in an unfamiliar place but that's where the shaman uses the "Spirit World Travel" ability.

Donald Oddy


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