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>Similar question:
>Is there a way to get a spy / double agent into a divine cult?
>Can a Lhankor Mhy cultist join an Irippi Ontor temple pretending he has
>given up on LM and wants to join IO, and working as a spy for his LM temple
>Would he be able to become a priest (political position, rather than
>devotee) in this IO temple?
>Could he make his way up to High Priest of the central IO temple of the
>whole Lunar Empire, still being a true LM at heart?

In theory I don't see why not. The practical problems would be enormous and the differences between his true vocation and his apparent one would put a strain on him. I'm not even sure that in this case the two cults are incompatible.

I'd suggest the Lunars are doing this in reverse. Infiltrating libraries with IO cultists pretending to be LM and then introducing subverse ideas.

>Wouldn´t the gods themselves interfere?


Gods are more interested in actions than thoughts which we've been told they can't understand even if they could read them. They're not even really aware of individual initiates so unless someone draws the god's attention to the individual they probably wouldn't notice problematic actions. At devotee level I'd suggest the chance of being detected in incompatible activity becomes significant.

>I just wonder if a group of sartarite player characters can join the
>lunar army (and the Lunar religion), as spies for the sartarite
>resistance. Me seems that the nature of magic, myth, and religion in
>glorantha doesn´t allow such things to go very far...

Depends which part of the Lunar army. Tarshite units fairly easily - about the only possible barrier is lay membership of the Seven Mothers cult. Heartland units would be more difficult as they'd have to learn to particular culture well enough to pass as a native and then defeat the social barriers to achieving rank. Many of the regimental gods would conflict with the Sartarite ones as well.

But there's an easier option. Like just about every army in history the Lunar army travels with large numbers of camp followers - cooks, servants, peddlers, bodyguards, etc. And these people have more freedom than actual soldiers. The servant who pours wine in the senior officers' mess probably knows more than the junior officers.

>Or is illumination here also the point?

I think illumination is serious overkill for the problem. Changing your whole attitude to all gods just to spy on your enemies doesn't seem sensible. Equally I don't think most Sartarites would trust an illuminate - which god, if any, does he actually follow?

At least that's my understanding of non-lunar illumination which is based on RQII and III descriptions.

Donald Oddy


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