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in my campaign i play a very special character murane de holay
she is initiate of a sect dedicates to the mysterious she who wait for be initiate in this sect you MUST be initiate of an other religion murane is initiate of vinga
nothing fake
no spy a real vingan
in the same time she worship an aspect of she who wait who work to the universal harmony and the respect of the diversity orlanth & the storm tribe is the breath of the godess no? so one time the godess and the orlanthy must find a peace for that glorantha can be healed and we can find the hamony in the respect of the diversity murane work in this way
currently murane is illuminated butshe was initiate of the two cult before that

oh i know this is not the core glorantha but seems not unlogic and very very interesting to play

> >Could he make his way up to High Priest of the central IO temple of the
> >whole Lunar Empire, still being a true LM at heart?
> In theory I don't see why not. The practical problems would be enormous
> and the differences between his true vocation and his apparent one
> would put a strain on him. I'm not even sure that in this case the two
> cults are incompatible.

I agree with Roderick and disagree with Donald here. An initiation to a specific god or religion is not something you can fake - it creates a divine connection between you and the gods in question. When a Lhankor Mhy initiate uses his magic - he is Lhankor Mhy. Same thing with Irippi Ontor.

Giving yourself a divine connection to the Red Moon (through one of the Seven Mothers) will sever your connection to LM (and the rest of the Storm Tribe) - the Moon connection is just incompatible with the Storm Tribe.


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