Re: Illumination and lies

From: Brian Curley <bkcurley_at_70DQjni8J1ObxxavT2SKOXD5Qsa20TOAVCOxSZJnxYir6a4WeFnxi8J3HzmrRRyyqH9>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:38:15 -0500

My first reaction is that it sounds like the kind of thing Cacodaemon worshippers would be able to do. It seems to sort of be their raison d'etre.

Then I thought about Nysalorean Illumination. It feels right.

There's also something vaguely Arkati about it, too. With just a hint of Lokamayadon.

Intersting ideas...

BKC Osentalka wrote:
> Is there a way to get a spy / double agent into a divine cult?
> Can a Lhankor Mhy cultist join an Irippi Ontor temple pretending he has
> given up on LM and wants to join IO, and working as a spy for his LM temple
> instead?
> Would he be able to become a priest (political position, rather than
> devotee) in this IO temple?
> Could he make his way up to High Priest of the central IO temple of the
> whole Lunar Empire, still being a true LM at heart?
> Wouldn´t the gods themselves interfere?
> I just wonder if a group of sartarite player characters can join the lunar
> army (and the Lunar religion), as spies for the sartarite resistance.
> Me seems that the nature of magic, myth, and religion in glorantha doesn´t
> allow such things to go very far...
> Or is illumination here also the point?

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