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From: Todd Gardiner <todd.gardiner_at_LrGAV0jTamTHFA8ASQQd5EK0-NHOMy15Hi9G3VAbFcgGufKqVFZgLXj1CQST5W>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 09:13:20 -0700

One of the bigger problems here for the infiltrator is his diconnection from his community. No one to share sacred week rituals with, no way to reaffirm his connection with his (actual) god.

It seems to me that he would still be acquiring knowledge magic, although other observers would not know the source of this magic. But that his overall connection to LM or IO would suffer from failing to participate in regular ceremonies. After all, Initiates have a time requirement of supporting their cult and their personal relationship with their diety. If you're using that time to fake membership in a competing god's cult, supporting that god's place in the god plane with season rituals and annual heroquests; going to be hard to keep your own magic working.

Not to mention the possibilities of reprisal spirits for abandoning your active role in the god's cult. And knowledge god's often have virtues that eschew lying on a daily basis.

Instead of an initiate, IO's cult would be better off sending a lay member who just depends on Common Magic.

--Todd Gardiner
On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 11:17 PM, Jeff Richard <> wrote:

> > >Could he make his way up to High Priest of the central IO temple of
> the
> > >whole Lunar Empire, still being a true LM at heart?
> >
> > In theory I don't see why not. The practical problems would be enormous
> > and the differences between his true vocation and his apparent one
> > would put a strain on him. I'm not even sure that in this case the two
> > cults are incompatible.
> I agree with Roderick and disagree with Donald here. An initiation to
> a specific god or religion is not something you can fake - it creates
> a divine connection between you and the gods in question. When a
> Lhankor Mhy initiate uses his magic - he is Lhankor Mhy. Same thing
> with Irippi Ontor.
> Giving yourself a divine connection to the Red Moon (through one of
> the Seven Mothers) will sever your connection to LM (and the rest of
> the Storm Tribe) - the Moon connection is just incompatible with the
> Storm Tribe.
> Jeff

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