Exclusive Worship

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_dEtsnBLixvN7-NNwYmSTmxy7BTxmfSHdNnolpiCyFz8hnWS-LLJGP7N5f5X3scN36ikBT->
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 21:17:35 +0100

Jeff Richard wrote:
> Giving yourself a divine connection to the Red Moon (through one of
> the Seven Mothers) will sever your connection to LM (and the rest of
> the Storm Tribe) - the Moon connection is just incompatible with the
> Storm Tribe.


I suspect not, otherwise it would be practically impossible for Lunar Missionaries to make any headway;they would be asking potential converts to turn their backs on the whole of Heortling society.

As for "incompatible", the Storm Tribe makes worship of Air and Earth compatible, rain (Heler) and Sun (Elmal) compatible, healing (Chalana Arroy) and death (Humakt) compatible, so why not?            

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