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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 13:32:27 GMT

In message <> "Roderick Robertson " writes:

>It doesn't matter what the worshipper is *thinking*, it matters what
>he is *doing*. If he isn't sending mystic energy up to his god, the
>god will notice.
>If your definition of "infiltration" means that the spy is actually
>worshipping the god whose cult he infiltrated, then there are other
>dangers, like "going native" and leaving your previous god.

I thought that was pretty obvious from my discussing time commitments and worship. The spy would probably be doing the minimum they could get away with to keep the god and other followers content. I agree there are all sorts of dangers which would be enough to deter any reasonable person....but the suggestion was that PCs would be trying it.

>that you're not "just" worshipping a Gloranthan god, you are taking
>his place in myths. You become him in the GodWorld on heroquests
>(which happen every Holy Day). Your actions strengthen him, and his
>power strengthens you. If you want to do a GodLearner and corrupt the
>myths, you've got a huge resistance to overcome - all the current and
>former worshippers that have trod these same heroquests and
>reinforced the myths.

Not that huge. Learn the secrets of the myth and find ways to derail the HQ, possibly with outside help. The Lunars do that on a regular basis if more subtly than the GodLearners did.

>So I stand by my assetion that "infiltrating" a cult requires you to
>lie to the god.

Only if you use a definition of "infiltrating" which involves faking a key part of the job description. Rather like trying to infiltrate a school without interacting with children.

Donald Oddy


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