Re: Exclusive Worship

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_Y1bXoAMU0wcVidH_-36by26wEv_9RI8mKfGXlxvLcMD1IBtrkv7EhLY2wVQmQKYYkyHN8>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 22:29:03 -0000

> I suspect not, otherwise it would be practically impossible for Lunar
> Missionaries to make any headway;they would be asking potential
> to turn their backs on the whole of Heortling society.
> As for "incompatible", the Storm Tribe makes worship of Air and Earth
> compatible, rain (Heler) and Sun (Elmal) compatible, healing (Chalana
> Arroy) and death (Humakt) compatible, so why not?

I, also, wouldn't say that Storm+Moon worship is absolutely incompatible (both pantheons are actually pretty darn inclusive, it's just that darn chaos thing that's keeping them apart). The Chaos connection makes it impractical and difficult for Heortlings and their kin - at least until some major heroquesting occurs (on the level of "The Heortling version of the Storm Tribe doesn't really hate Chaos"/"the Moon isn't really allied with Chaos") at the tribal/cultursl level, but look at the Stormies above the Glowline - they have made their peace with the Goddess.

And as someone noted, LM isn't necessarily exclusively Storm Tribe - Lightbringers, yes, but the LB's went all over the place, and melded with many cultures and pantheons.

However, back to the original point of "infiltrating" a cult - the personal nature of the ties between worshipper and worshipped being make it impossible to lie (or, at least, the Deity has "Detect lies from worshipper" at a really high level, for those that want a mechanical process).

You can fool the mortal worshippers, but not the immortal woshippee. And, as a practical matter, I wouldn't want someone not a Devotee for my priest - their time commitment is compatible with their duties, their magical powers are increased over those of an initiate, and the connection between the priest and his god is that much stronger.


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