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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 00:50:04 GMT

In message <> "Roderick Robertson " writes:

>However, back to the original point of "infiltrating" a cult - the
>personal nature of the ties between worshipper and worshipped being
>make it impossible to lie (or, at least, the Deity has "Detect lies
>from worshipper" at a really high level, for those that want a
>mechanical process).

But does infiltrating a cult necessarily involve lying to the god? Clearly in some cases it does - Deezolan novitiates would have to deceive Chalana Arroy over their commitment but Bevara? Both are healers with a practical approach to who gets help. Same with Lhankor Mhy and Irripi Ontor. They are a god and immortal of learning.

We also know that the God Learners managed to infiltrate many cults and they didn't even believe in the gods. So it is possible.

>You can fool the mortal worshippers, but not the immortal woshippee.
>And, as a practical matter, I wouldn't want someone not a Devotee for
>my priest - their time commitment is compatible with their duties,
>their magical powers are increased over those of an initiate, and the
>connection between the priest and his god is that much stronger.

Since when has politics reliably put the best candidate in a position? Sure devotees will generally get the top posts but an initiate with the right skills and connections will also get the opportunity, particularly if they are prepared to do the jobs no one else wants. The Lunar religion is probably more vunerable this way as preceptors aren't even expected to be novitiates, never mind ordinates.

Donald Oddy


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