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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 00:27:10 GMT

In message <> "Roderick Robertson " writes:

>The writeup doesn't say *Faltikus* embraced the Lunar Way, it says
>The Rat (alias Frekor Firmfarer) did. Faltikus is described as "the
>Lunar puppet Orlanth priest, Faltikus the Good".
>"Puppet" in political terms usually indicates that a person is a
>member of the culture/country(or, in this case, religious), so that
>people can feel good that they are ruled by "one of their own" rather
>than an "invader", but the puppet takes his orders from
>the "invader". In this case Faltikus is still a Priest of Orlanth,
>but he gets his orders from the Lunars. In the current version of the
>Heortling faith, that probably means that he leads worship for
>Orlanth Allfather but not Adventurous, and probably not Storm.

That makes a lot of sense. The Orlanthi of the River of Cradles need a priest to lead them in the rituals of the farming cycle. So they find someone who is acceptable to the occupying forces and if he omits to perform the rituals of Sword Day that's not really important.

I'd suggest he's weakening the link between Orlanth the farmer and Orlanth the warrior and leader of warriors. If this happened for several generations a seperation could occur, at least in the local area. There's probably some Lunar theologian who is aware of this and working towards it but probably not most of the leaders of the occupation.

Donald Oddy


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