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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 17:09:28 -0000

I screwed up when I said that Faltikus the Good is a priest of Orlanth Thunderous - my entry on Faltikus (for the new Pavis Book) is clear that he is a priest of Orlanth Larnsting (see Cults of Sartar). He is from Tarsh and came in the entourage of General Sor-Eel. The Lunars are surprisingly deferential to Faltikus, even if many of his fellow Orlanth cultists are not. It is commonly reported that Faltikus is Illuminated, even if there is absolutely no proof of that. He has a well-known rivalry with the magically powerful Larnsting devotee and priest, Krogar Wolfhelm and is distrusted by the politically powerful priest Govoran the Magnificient. He does enjoy the public support of the fourth Orlanth priest at the temple, Frekor Firmfarer.

There will be some special information for Narrators in the Pavis Book to make sure that Faltikus fits their campaign needs.


> That makes a lot of sense. The Orlanthi of the River of Cradles
> need a priest to lead them in the rituals of the farming cycle.
> So they find someone who is acceptable to the occupying forces
> and if he omits to perform the rituals of Sword Day that's not
> really important.
> I'd suggest he's weakening the link between Orlanth the farmer
> and Orlanth the warrior and leader of warriors. If this happened
> for several generations a seperation could occur, at least in
> the local area. There's probably some Lunar theologian who is
> aware of this and working towards it but probably not most of
> the leaders of the occupation.
> --
> Donald Oddy

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