Continuum 2008 July Update 1

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July Update 1

0 Continuum 2008. John Foster Hall [also known as New Hall], Leicester University. UK.
Friday 1st - Monday 4th August 2008.

Greetings Continuees,

The committee had its final uber-meeting and site recce of John Foster Hall yesterday in order to finalise the programme and where various events will be staged. There will be some amendments to the published schedule as a result, so do keep your eyes on over the next week or so (and here, and over at the Tavern).

Special Room Deal
Our supply of en-suites has been more or less filled, but we have secured some single rooms in the adjacent houses. As these single rooms have shared facilities, we've decided to offer them to those who haven't booked yet at a discount on the normal price. The usual en-suite room-rate is 40, but we're offering shared faciilities singles at 30 per night instead (including breakfast) - a 30 saving if you book for all three nights. However, please note that this offer is unfortunately not open to people who have already booked: the university is already working through the room layouts and, because there are quite a lot of people who have requested to be roomed next to or close to friends and family, it will prove a major headache for the arrangements. So, if you haven't booked already, you do have a choice of an en-suite room at the standard cost (but we are now down to limited places), or a shared facilities single at 30 per night instead. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Continuum Goodies Pre-Orders
We'll be selling Continuum poloshirts as usual - a nice bottle green colour with the con logo - and you again have the option to have your shirt monogrammed with the name or slogan of your choice. Polos cost 20 for a standard or 25 for a monogrammed. If you want a monogrammed shirt, please send us either a cheque or Paypal ( payment for 25 before 14th July (cheques payable to Continuum) along with your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL), and tell us what you want on the shirt (names/nicknames and nothing offensive!)

We are also proud to have available 'Liber Newtus' and 'Shreds of Light and Reason', con books exclusive to Continuum and packed full of gaming goodness. 'Liber Newtus' is a collection of Newt Newport's superb HeroQuest scenarios for Glorantha and Mythic Russia, whilst SOLAR deals with the Dara Happan empire of Glorantha and collects together old and new material, updated and refined especially for the con. Each book is 15 and we are accepting pre-orders. Again, cheques or Paypal, and clearly stipulating the titles you want to buy.

'Hearts in Glorantha Issue 1' will also be for sale; the new Glorantha
fanzine, covering HeroQuest, Mongoose RuneQuest and general sage advice from Gloranthan luminaries. Issues cost 5.

But how about the Continuum super-bundle? Bought individually, all the above goodies would set you back 55/60 (if you have a monogrammed shirt). Instead, you can pre-order all of the above and receive a 5 discount - so 50 or 55. This is pre-orders only! We'll have your super-bundle ready for collection at registration. Just send us a cheque or Paypal payment by 14th July, clearly marked 'Super-bundle' with your polo shirt details as outlined above.

Please CC the Polo Shirt orders to darransimsATgooglemailDOTcom.

Size small med large x-l 2xl 3xl 4xl 5xl To Fit 36" 38" 42" 45" 49" 50" 53" 57"

There'll be further updates in the next few days, so watch this space!


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