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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 05:34:21 +0100

Its a less a case of 'no' and more a case of 'we'll see'.

What I mean is this. Continuum isn't a profit-making convention, and we have to rely on fund-raising materials to help us meet our tight margins and essential costs. Exclusive publications like SOLAR and Liber Newtus help us do this, and, in both cases the sponsors (Greg and Newt) offered us the material specifically as con fund-raisers. We don't have the finances to prepare large print-runs of the books and the exclusivity has the advantage to the con of ensuring that we (hopefully) sell the print runs without being burdened with excess stock that we then have trouble selling later. We're also a convention and not a publisher, so we don't have the facilities to handle lots of mail order (or, given the logistics of the con, necessarily the time).

But, I'm sympathetic, as is Greg. So here's what we'll do.

We'll extend the offer of pre-orders to both the HeroQuest and World of Glorantha communities, at the same prices, plus shipping costs. At this point we can order additional copies of both print runs so there's no reason why we cannot ensure those who aren't coming to Continuum get to see these products without having to wait for any eBay residue. We'll limit the availability to between now and Continuum (which is 1st to 4th August) and any excess stock we have will then be offered for general sale afterwards. Once stock is exhausted, then that'll be it.

Hearts in Glorantha, BTW, is Newt's fanzine and will be available for general sale through d101 Games, so this is limited to Liber Newtus and SOLAR. The cost for each book is 15/$US30/Euro 19, plus a postage and packing charge of 3/$US6/Euro 4. To order, send a Paypal payment to paymentATcontinuumDOTukDOTnet clearly specifying the books you want and your shipping address. Orders will be fulfilled after Continuum (we won't take delivery of the stock until a couple of days before Continuum anyway, and won't have time to despatch until after). However, if you have someone coming to the con who can collect these books for you, let me know and this will save on the shipping cost. If you want to pay by cheque (we can't take credit cards I'm afraid), then please email me separately for my address.

All this is done with Greg and Newt's blessing, and I'm pleased to be able to offer this to the two Glorantha and HQ communities.



2008/7/7 John Machin <>:

> On 08/07/2008, Adam < <>> wrote:
> > Will there be any way for those not attending to get these books?
> I asked earlier and no-one was able (or willing?) to answer; however I
> am suspecting that "exclusive to Continuum" means "no".
> Dammit.
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