Re: Exclusive Worship

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Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 09:42:36 -0000

Hi Jeff:

I have read the brief but interesting article you mention, but could you ellaborate a bit more on the situation in Pavis, please? In "River of Cradles" and "Strangers in Prax" there are conflicting pieces of information: first it is said that the Orlanth temple is permanently closed by the Lunars, but then you have the Air Temple with Krogar, Faltikus, and even a Coder-related scenario within it... So what is exactly the situation of Orlanthi worship in Pavis?


> But for the Lunar army they would have gotten just a few Orlanthi
> converts - outcasts, exiles, and weirdos. With the Conquest, the
> Lunars have made it increasingly difficult to worship Orlanth - see
> the short article Greg and I wrote a few years
> back:

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