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YGWV L C wrote:
> >> So they are actually a Darkness tribe?
> >
> > Yes, they are a darkness tribe.
> >

BTW, this "formlessness" is a characteristic of (Darkness and Water) things.
> > It is true that humans interact with them, and when it is friendly,
> they
> > appear to be humans in every way. Likewise, when trolls interact with
> > them, they appear to be trolls in every way. Their respective handling
> > of iron is one of the big factors--as humans, they can; as trolls they
> > cannot. but the differences go farther than that, such as in
> > reproductive activities. A troll mating with a kitori spawns a troll,
> > etc. So they do have actual human relatives, and actual uz.
> >
> Fascinating. And (if I read the previous story correctly) at one time
> there were even more races this would apply to. (It is, of course,
> possible this is still true, but since they are now surrounded by
> primarily humans and trolls, that's who we get stories from.)

You are 100% right.
> > Más o menos, but in truth, it is a mystery.
> >
> *smile* But of course.

For you and many, the "or course" is obvious, but it is not always obvious to everyone on this list.
> > One more thing--there are creatures/beings that /appear to be/ human or
> > troll, and can (with some strong and hard magic) have their "true form"
> > revealed. these, applied to the kitori, /prove/ that the Kitori are
> > humans or trolls, depending on their intent.
> > Mind you, most people are convinced that the Kitori are trolls and
> > humans, both in one tribe. The above is a "secret," or "higher
> > knowledge," or some such. [It is always difficult to present
> information
> > of this nature in a manner to differentiate "in world" or "out of
> world"
> > knowledge.]
> >
> *nod*
> That is always the dilemma.

Yes indeed.
> .
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