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From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_AqwJpcUU8UZzcJ2K18Rl7hTBJKKvmfy9HXWuk_uvKveZpdCxaHz_Sj5FwKXFv7k-ErSy>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 10:20:58 -0000

> > Recommended to all who are curious about this particular people.
> Though hard to get if you didn't happen to be at Tentacles.

It will become available sometime after Continuum. However, these cons traditionally get the first shot at them.

> The most relevant sections are (obviously) the Kitori notes in the
> appendix, and the Siege of Nochet featuring the story of Kimantor
> (another title for the Only Old One, along with Lord Victory
> Nightbrother) and Norinel.

Which is quite a bit of information. There is also the material on the Shadow Tribute, which explains the how Ezkankekko's "rule" worked.
> What uz shapes do the Kitori master, by the way? Dark troll, or also
> the variants (Great Troll, Trollkin, Mistress Race, even more exotic
> like Cave Troll or Sea Troll)?

I view the Kitori in their troll form as looking like dark trolls. Or dehori. Or darkness monsters. :) The point is I think that there is much greater range in the appearance of trolls than we generally give them credit.

> >>The Night Jumpers appear to know a secret that defines their
> >>opponents, making them vulnerable to magic that usually would not
> Mainly the fact that they (of all the subject people of the Kitori)
> regularly raided the Kitori and usually got away with it.

The term "subject people" is very misleading. The Kitori collected tribute, raided those who did not and barred passage from certain areas. They did not demand military service, they did not govern the other peoples in their area of influence, and were not "rulers" in that sense.

> "... so we jumped those Kitori - what looked like four humans and two
> dark trolls, all of them wearing those leaden masks and cloaks - from
> among the trees, all fourteen of us, yelling our warband's battle cry.
> Half a purse of tribute they carried from the Dunlaingings, across
> the hills. Well, even before our first javelins could strike any of
> them, they dissolved into liquid shadows. Not just getting fuzzy to
> the eyes, as you do using the Sandals of Darkness, but tangible clouds
> of shadow, still able to deal mighty blows with cloudy fists - I was
> lifted off my feet and hauled into a stand of trees some fifteen feet
> away, and that's why I can tell you this tale. Needless to say that
> our blades and points did little more but inconvenience these demons.
> Four of our band died of fright when they were engulfed, and three
> more from wounds received by would-be rescuers. Darndrev used up two
> years supply of Thunderstones just to keep them at bay, so we could
> collect our fallen. And when the taxmen came next season..."

That's more like it!


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