Re: Secrets of the Darkness

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 11:40:59 -0000

Jeff Richard
>> What uz shapes do the Kitori master, by the way? Dark troll, or 
>> also the variants (Great Troll, Trollkin, Mistress Race, even 
>> more exotic like Cave Troll or Sea Troll)?

> I view the Kitori in their troll form as looking like dark trolls.
> Or dehori. Or darkness monsters. :) The point is I think that
> there is much greater range in the appearance of trolls than we
> generally give them credit.

Sort of family traits, like ridges on the nose-back, ear shapes etc? (in other words, both styles of illustrations used in Troll Pak are equally true?)

>>>>The Night Jumpers appear to know a secret that defines their
>>>>opponents, making them vulnerable to magic that usually would not
>> Mainly the fact that they (of all the subject people of the Kitori)
>> regularly raided the Kitori and usually got away with it.

> The term "subject people" is very misleading. The Kitori collected
> tribute, raided those who did not and barred passage from certain
> areas. They did not demand military service, they did not govern
> the other peoples in their area of influence, and were not "rulers"
> in that sense.

Still, this does sound a lot less benevolent and "equal exchange" when you consider the alternative payments for people under duress - wasn't that Kitori taking babies from the arms of weeping mothers, and similar?

>> "... so we jumped those Kitori -

> That's more like it!

I wrote that as one example of hostile interaction between Heortlings and Kitori, and as a challenge to come up with more such snippets of interaction with the Kitori.

On the Arkat tangent: did Arkat become a troll, or did he become a Kitori?

If he went for chaos-fighting abilities, he probably went for trolldom, but the later Dark Emperor of Ralios sounds a lot like a Kitori both in appearance and style of rulership.            

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