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>On the Arkat tangent: did Arkat become a troll, or did he become a Kitori?
>If he went for chaos-fighting abilities, he probably went for
>trolldom, but the later Dark Emperor of Ralios sounds a lot like a
>Kitori both in appearance and style of rulership.

Given that he was initiated at the Redstone temple in Dagori Inkarth, I think he became a troll. Why he chose them over the Kitori is an interesting question.

As for his reign as Autarch, we know very little about his rule. Only Paslac is described as human in Ralian sources and bestial in Seshnegi sources. Give that the Uz of Ralios were from Guhan and Halikiv, I doubt that this was Kitori magic.


>Wait, The Kitori are a separate race? Was this just back in the

It seems to me that when the gloranthans describe the trolls as having different mythic origins (ie Pelorian Dijigelm, Manirian Kitori, Creatures from the Hellcrack, Spawn of Krjalk etc), these are evidence of separate species that have coalesced into one race of Dark Men throughout the course of the Gods War.

However many of the original attributes of the various darkness creatures were unable to be absorbed by the Uz and so they persisted. But at the borders of interaction between the Uz and the Kitori or Digiyelm etc, nobody can ever be sure where the Uz end and the others begin.

Hence there is a troll population in the Holy Country that accurately claims descent from the OOO and performs trollish magic. But there is also a population of Kitori that do not seem to be trolls and an even smaller population that seem part trollish at times but not at others.

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