Re: Secrets of the Hsunchen

From: Doyle Tavener <JavaApp_at_4ihkZnx_aj14IWqa1-eiKG2XlNn6BVhwtb1KkHP2-C5NQWea_eL-TwKyXl1Oqi9_3u49>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 04:05:31 -0000

Speaking of which, Jeff, I note that Blood Over Gold is available from Alliance (the largest US hobby games distributor). How long has this been the case?

I do the games ordering for a store, and you should be aware that the Alliance database listing is really wonky.

NYA IMP ISS1307 HeroQuest: Distant Shores

I had no idea what this was, but ordered it anyway because it was HeroQuest. When it came in today, I realized it was Blood Over Gold. The NYA code means Not Yet Available, which is also obviously incorrect.

In addition, only one warehouse (out of four) is listed as having any remaining copies.

I think it's clear that someone with some snap will figure out what this is and be able to order it. But many game-store owners (IMNSHO) have neither the time, patience or the snap they probably should have.

I would get this changed, if I were you (or Moon Design, more properly).  

> There's a fairly decent (in my very biased opinion) writeup on
> hsunchen magic in Trader Princes based on Ian Cooper's work. It
> covers the Pralori shape-shifting specifically but some of it can be
> generally applicable. If not in method, but mechanistically.
> Jeff


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