Blood over Gold availablity Was: Secrets of the Hsunchen

From: Toread DuDerysi <jakyer_at_gofqAZ0F1AbZ6bT01VSMegsnPLMTAsEtn4qsqxtwT3YfL79AkCMW9XSL9L0-WCI7-qk3d>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 19:49:54 -0000

Thanks lots! I've forwarded the information to Rick Meints. I'm just the writer.

Its been available for about a week now, at least that's what my poking around online seems to indicate.

Amazon seems to have it in stock though that may be through a 3rd party.

Again, thanks! Hopefully we'll see it generally more available. My understanding is that it is very tough to get books into the distributors these days - particularly for a small press company like Issaries.



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