Re: Secrets of the Hsunchen

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 11:50:17 -0000

>>> Coming to think of this, do Hsunchen children or babies change >>> shape, and if so, how, how controlled, ...?

>> No, not usually.

Jeff Kyer:
> It would make diaper changing more interesting though!

Or might even obviate that step, if the children are born as a litter of beasts rather than as people.

Human labour is rather risky, in part because of that oversized head having to pass through the hips. Giving birth in beast form might minimize that risk. It also eases survival during childhood when less powerful Hsunchen folk are faced with predators.

On the down side, you never know as a hunter whether that is a roe deer fawn you are hunting, or a damali kid...

> There's a fairly decent (in my very biased opinion) writeup on
> hsunchen magic in Trader Princes based on Ian Cooper's work. It
> covers the Pralori shape-shifting specifically but some of it can be
> generally applicable. If not in method, but mechanistically.

I asked about children because as a rule children don't actively use magic.

They might undergo ceremonies which make their innate magic work, though, so that Hsunchen children learn to use both shapes. Then you only get the question which of these shapes would be preferred by your clan for which stage...

There is a special case about Telmori, who change involuntarily on wilddays. How does this affect their cubs?            

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