Re: Secrets of the Darkness

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_iu-nizu05hs-GHnCQaxKPdWx67QPFbE1PR1rGPcc-hRVIfbS6nnN7_IxDLz8sFVd5j0D>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 14:38:11 -0000

> > I view the Kitori in their troll form as looking like dark trolls.
> > Or dehori. Or darkness monsters. :) The point is I think that
> > there is much greater range in the appearance of trolls than we
> > generally give them credit.
> Sort of family traits, like ridges on the nose-back, ear shapes etc?
> (in other words, both styles of illustrations used in Troll Pak are
> equally true?)

Yep. Trolls display much more variation in appearance, size, shape, and whatever than humans.

> > The term "subject people" is very misleading. The Kitori collected
> > tribute, raided those who did not and barred passage from certain
> > areas. They did not demand military service, they did not govern
> > the other peoples in their area of influence, and were not "rulers"
> > in that sense.
> Still, this does sound a lot less benevolent and "equal exchange" when
> you consider the alternative payments for people under duress - wasn't
> that Kitori taking babies from the arms of weeping mothers, and similar?

That's what happens when you don't honor ancient pacts with the Darkness. In the early Second Age, Hardros Hardslaughter managed to weaken Ezkankekko and the Kitori so much that they could no longer impose the Shadow Tribute. However, after the Dragonkill, the Kitori were strengthened and the Tribute was reimposed.

> On the Arkat tangent: did Arkat become a troll, or did he become a

A troll. A mistress race troll, if I recall.


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