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> Yes, I knew when I wrote that the obvious challenge would be, "Well,
> why don't you try?" And you're right, I should. I did run a scenario at
> Tentacles last year. I have a scenario coming out (I hope) in the latest
> Zin Letters. That's planned for RopeCon, if all goes well. I've been
> editing (mostly for English usage) for Zin Letters and Tradetalk this
> year. Ian and I managed to get a freeform written for Tentacles this
> year, also. Most of that was actually my work. But that's not much
> output for 25 years as a RQer, or 30 years as a gamer, I agree.

But that's more than many - even most - male RPGers have done :-). Obviously you've got ideas, and the grit to stick out a writing assignment and make a deadline. Lack of rules knowledge isn't a deal-breaker, since there are any number of people who know rules but couldn't create a scenario to save their lives. All we have to do is introduce you to each other :-).

"Really creative ideas" happen all the time, you just need to remember them, or keep a notepad handy to take notes. Movies, TV, books, music lyrics, watching someone do something, or just random flashes of inspiration can all lead to a great game scenario, and there are plenty of people - here on the list if nowhere else - that you can bounce ideas off of until they jell. I know that I've come up with a number of things based on sources like the X-Files, a story by Robin Williamson, folk songs, etc.

As far as one of the publishers picking it up - well, you can always ask. Having magazine articles or stuff on Glorantha.com to point to as proof of your ability is always good, too.

I encourage everyone - not just Alison, or women in general - to try their hand at writing a scenario, a "cult", even a character description with stats and background (come on guys, we've had that 100-word charcater description rule for what, 8 years now?), and submit it to Glorantha.com, or just here on the list. Get those creative juices flowing. Who knows, you may just become the newest Glorantha "really cool idea" person!

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