Playing your own gender

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_NfpYUUx5Jr8B_9mL8kIt9st_uRzxmlIdfWn-wQN08hxQFm6lIZbP786a_nAG8y64>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 14:54:31 -0700 (PDT)

Andrew, him say:
> For many years I ran a group with a shifting membership but which
> was almost always pretty balanced between the sexes.
> Many of our players preferred to play their own sex because if they
> didn't it got confusing when characters were chatting each other up -
> especially if the players were also potentially interested in each
> other.

Our group is pretty much all guys, though one of our members has finagled his girlfriend into showing up every Saturday. She's currently playing a female character. To overcome the historical deficit of female players, we regularly introduce female characters. The most traditional way is to wait until some player is not attending, and make sure his character tries out the Godlearner wish machine ("I wish I was a girl!") or the magical belt (of gender bending) or whatever is on offer. It's become our standard variation on "who's opening the door?" Jimima (formerly Jim the Barbarian, APP 6) even married another character (one that belonged to someone who, not-so-coincidentally, was scheduled to return from a long absence the week after the big wedding). Sometimes, we even get female characters in this new-fangled way called "deciding that my character is female." I'm currently playing a jungle troll. And she's hot (APP 15, but no pun intended). I guess the whole Zorak Zorani thing might be a little off-putting, though. Do he-trolls like berserk death worshippers? (And don't start going on about how Zorak Zoran is the bad boys' club. There's a perfectly good reason, but the other characters don't know her backstory yet.) Three characters ago (before the baboon and the elemental mystic), I played both of a Pentan couple who had run away from their respective clans because they were feuding. Sadly, they drowned, but at least they died together. I admit that the female character was an NPC, but at least I flipped a coin to see which one I would play personally. The character before that was a white elf. They have five sexes (at least in our Glorantha). I never did figure out what to do with whatever parts I had. Or even which parts they were. Sadly, we're currently playing such a diverse group of characters (only half the party is human) that intra-party romance is probably out. My troll sees the duck as a "dish" but only in the sense of "edible." Chris            

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