Re: female characters & Blood Over Gold

From: Toread DuDerysi <jakyer_at_Z3JnhEOEPCXoJCqkQR11OZww5kzNJDCZTyDXecsEo8uDQYIljjQQ5EoYg4JnWo_65RCkk>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 13:26:32 -0000

The Trader Princes *are* Malkioni. There's only so far they can be bent culturally speaking without becoming something very different. That said, the only specifically gender-barred position is that of Prince.

The Trader Princes allow anything else of their women and men - and unlike many cultures are eager to adopt, co-opt, or marry any suitable newcomers into the network of Families that run the Houses.

The daughter's flaw? She's the most able but has been pampered and is inexperienced. And, of course, she IS a woman and her wishing to seize power is breaking with tradition. Her success becomes a flaw, as far as the House is concerned, when interacting with any other of the Trader Prince Houses - a flaw that affects the House's reputation greatly.

Me? I'm all for Sir Bryan Not From Here being the next Prince of Caroman. Truly.


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