Hearts in Glorantha

From: Paul King <paul_at_dgjqUh05F6PBzhJ5ZhwSfVIQuUshdUz20ofCSgJpniITyvB-mW2zGWTrNAlgpTpiF2SYlLV>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 16:16:40 +0100

One of many (or too many !) things I picked up at Continuum was issue 1 of Hearts in Glorantha. There's lots of good stuff in there at the amazingly low price of 5 (hard copy) or 1.50 (pdf) for a 60-page magazine, with a full colour cover. It should be on sale at Lulu (if not now, then in the next few days).

There does seem to be a strong HQ/3rd Age bias in the first issue with no items specifically for MRQ. Most of the material is background and I'm sure that a lot of it could be adapted to the 2nd Age. Duck haters should be warned that there are 11 pages of Durulz history. If you ONLY want material that is immediately usable in MRQ/2nd Age or can't stand anything with Ducks in, maybe you'd better wait for the next issue. For anyone else on this list, the pdf is cheap.

Major thanks to Newt for bringing ut a new high-quality Gloranthan fanzine.            

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