Re: Examples of the feminine side of the Lunar Empire?

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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 13:48:07 -0700 (PDT)

     As has been mentioned, many of the temporal rulers in the Lunar Empire are male. In particular, the Carmanian and Dara Happan regions definitely have male rulers. Moonson is always male, because these two regions, in particular, wouldn't accept a living female at the top. Rinliddi is probably not quite so much male-dominated, nor Blessed Torang and Silver Shadow (as has already been mentioned).

     In the interests of a more peaceful and faster takeover of various regions now in the Empire, local pantheons were left in place. This leaves Yelmic worshippers (Old Pelorians/Dara Happans) and Carmanians near the heart of the Empire. The trouble is, they also make up many of the military units, due to their inherently martial cultic natures. Therefore, men tend to wield much influence on the combative fronts. The ability to enforce your wishes militarily being a large part of remaining in power, this also means that men will probably remain in a majority of influential positions within the Empire.

     The eastern Orlanthi regions are standouts because the Heortlings won't accept the Goddess in the Middle Air. She didn't ask for permission to be there, and She doesn't belong there. This unwillingness to compromise theologically, plus the general wish not to be ruled by strangers, is the cause of so much interesting strife in the Dragon Pass region. The fact that Orlanth's hereditary enemies, the Sun-worshippers, are prominent in the Lunar units also heats up the issues.

     It's not impossible to be Lunar and Orlanthi, though. Sylila, which contains many Orlanthi, has quietly come to an understanding, as has much of the Tarsh.

     As also mentioned by another poster, Great Sister has her own armies, which does make her a temporal power. She is answerable directly to the Goddess alone, IIRC, which makes politics more interesting. Jar-Eel, the great Lunar superhero, is female. As well as the Red Goddess, many of the Lunar Immortals are female (Deezola, She Who Waits, Jakaleel, Teelo Norri, Hon-Eel, Yara Aranis, Hwarin Dalthippa, the Red Dancer of Power, etc.), and so are a great many of their followers. The Earth powers, wherever they are, are female. That's a lot of female power figures, no matter how you slice it.

     However, the Red Goddess stands for balance, above all. This is best exemplified in the acceptance of both Law and Chaos. In principle, devotion to the principles of the Goddess, and merit, are more important guides to who is promoted than gender. That's the theory. In practice, there's always a lot of interference from the old friends networks, blood ties, and similar influences, as is normal everywhere.

    So, in conclusion, the Lunar Empire is an amalgamation of regions, each with its own religiopolitical history. Women are technically equal to men within the Empire, but locally they may be more subject to the regional cultures.

     I am sure that the more fervent Lunars assume that this will gradually change over time to the Lunar Ideal. Just as soon as everyone sees that the Lunar Way is the best Way. Don't hold your breath!


-Adept : who isn't as clear on this as he thought he was                   

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