Gloranthan Items on eBay

From: Erik Nolander <nollan2310_at_3W_njk6_cIF2EckN436Ym6hqADbcvcO-Lth6srz0k9D_NY7bFBW7mw0NcHqHu1oFK>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 09:26:49 +0100

Dear All,

(With apologies for the cross-posting)

I have put some items on eBay that might be of Gloranthan interest, including New Lolon Gospel Vol 1 and 2, RQ-Con Compendium and University of Sog City Conference Guide. There's also a few other non-Gloranthan items in the list, so feel free to browse at your leisure. My "store" is available here:

Now, back to the scheduled discussions.


Erik Nolander

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