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Greetings to Lord Harshax and Greg.

For "Kitori Empire", Yelmalion (and Kitori) discussion broke out among Japanese core fans .

> Let's start with this:
> It will provide a reference point for people less familiar with this
> subject.
> Furthermore, the Lunar Map found at
> provides us with the locations of the 1 extant temples: 1 in Sartar, 1 in
> Prax, 1 in Tarsh, 3 in Holay, 1 in Imther, 4 in Aggar, 1 in Talastar, 1 in
> Sylila, 1 in Vanch, 1 in Balazar.

Then it might mean that Harvar's Aldachur Temple is not "true" Sun Dome. I am surprised that primitive Balazar has one.

> To quote the article cited above:
> "As the EWF expanded the new Sun Dome Temples were among its military arm
> and helped to enforce its rule in Peloria, Dragon Pass, and even far-away
> Prax.When the EWF fell many of these temples were destroyed. Most the
> remaining members were slain during the Dragonkill War as part of the True
> Golden Horde. Most temples fell into ruin, or became isolated from the
> world.

In EWF chapter of "History of Heortling Peoples", I found the description of a city called Domanand = "Dome"land.
I assume it was a Yelmalion=Tharkantus city in 2nd Age.

> So, the other 13 seem to have been resurrected (not surprising for a solar
> god, of course.) Some likely had a core of worshippers who survived,
> hiding
> away and later coming back to the holy place to establish the temple anew.

As far as I know, many japaneses are devotees of "Heatless Light" :-) And they worried much about dark fate of their god in Hero Wars and Grand Argrath Campaign....
History SAYS that Yelmalions will perish again.

Terra Incognita            

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