Re: Alien Nature Contraption

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_2ylso9No4TbulFTAOvWmNrjkzSu3jL1FDxxWOA_wlZPkcPjqI5GE-4Nj_43sHnceh307>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:27:58 -0000

> This sounds like a great heroquest. I can just see the Nochet Lhankor
> Mhy temple trying to convince the heros that they should accompany
> them on a quest to the otherside so they can gain something that will
> allow them to learn sorcery, even if it will help the Clan/Tribe/city.

Sounds like a good scenario. Of course it doesn't even have to be a heroquest - the LM temple convinces the heroes to steal the evil sorcerous grimoire of the foreigners (so that they can translate it and learn it).

> Is it some sort of CoC multi-dimensional thingy that either drives you
> mad (corrupts you) or shows you the forbidden alien secrets?
> Now that we know the Orlanthi use a very small amount of wizardry,
> perhaps this is the source of it?

This is their source of access to and understanding of wizardry grimoires. Jealously guarded by the LM cult.


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