Re: Naively looking for 'Pavic Tales'

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_1u9LdmpnJRmjcd4ZfQivdiGyyP1xMfd7zPR9qlN6euY7Ra8b51eFdFazmoF71J2woW>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 09:19:52 +0200

If someone wants "Wyrms Footprints"... we, The Chaos Society, have recently rediscovered 4 copies in our files.

Drop me an email...



> He was born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world was mad
> R. Sabatini, Scaramouche
> > I would think that the amount of effort involved in making
> > sale-quality PDFs of that material would be very small, indeed, and
> > once you have the PDFs there's no good reason not to make hard copy
> > available through a print-on-demand venue like I'd certainly
> > buy it....
> It depends in what format the material is currently in. If there are
> electronic files available on someone's computer or suitable storage
> then sure, no problem, making a PDF is not a big deal.
> If it only ever existed on paper, or the files are in a format your
> no longer reads, or the files were on that third-computer-back that you
> to your sister-in-law's cousin...
> I'd (with my Moon Design hat on) love to re-print the Tales magazines, and
> my boss probably stuill has the files (hey, Rick?). I'd also love to get
> those out of print mags, like Wyrms Footnotes, and New Lolon Gospel, and
> Adventures, but they are only in paper. Getting them scanned in *in a
> scan* is a pain.
> RR

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