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>Trotsky>The Irensavelites they certainly didn't like, but not all
> >Hrestoli are Irensavelite.

Irensavel is a Supreme Being. He differs from other Malkioni Supreme Beings in the same way that the Platonic Demiurge differs from the Aristotelean Prime Mover or the principles of the Stoics, Cynics, Pythagoreans and others.

Hrestolism is a metaphysical practice of becoming close to the Supreme Being, akin to the Real World Sufi. The particular identity of the Supreme Being does not matter although some Malkioni Churches will be hostile to the practice.

The Loskalmi state is a Hrestoli institution with the avowed aim of bringing its subjects closer to Irensavel under the guidance of the Hrestoli.

>Mmm, but still there is difficulty, for the duke of Rindland used "Crusade"
>ritual of Hrestol against his enemies at Asgolan.

The original ToTRM article has Hrestol has rediscovering Crusade from the Land of Logic ("Crusaders are Carriers of the Cross, an ancient symbol inherited from the mythical Kingdom of Logic, which existed before the gods destroyed the old world"). Thus a Rokari could use the Crusade while rejecting Hrestol and all his sinful works (that Hrestol rediscovered the Crusade would be an embaressment to Rokari scholars and a source of temptation to Rokari crusaders).

>IIRC in Arcane Lore p.61, King Annmac prohibited its use except the one who
>meets Hrestol himself and gets his permission.
>Or did Bailifes and Mardron use magic strong enough to break Annmac's

Considering that Annmak was only a King, Bailifes has enough authority in his own royal status to repudiate Annmak's reform.

><<Tales #13, p.7 about Crusade:
>When he[Hrestol] returned, he bore the sword named Justice of the Ages, into
>whose hilt the + sign was cast.>>
><<Arcane Lore p.61 about Crusade:
>When he[Hrestol] returned he bore the sword named Justice of the Ages, into
>whose hilt the "Y" sign was cast.>>

I wouldn't worry about this. Arcane Lore is a collection of documents of various different ages, some of which are as old as RQ3.

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