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YGWV On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 6:23 AM, Tim Ellis <> wrote:

> I don't think the wyter themselves think of themselves as a "clan
> wyter" or a "bloodline wyter". They have entered some sort
> of "magical" bargain where a group of people have agreed to worship
> it (whether by sacrifice, veneration or ecstatically) in return for
> its aid and protection.

Correct. It is a clan wyter because the clan worships it, not because it has some property that makes it accessible to the clan.

> There may be "size" issues - the last
> remaining Firebull worshipper probably won't br getting the same
> level of support from the wyter that the full clan did at the height
> of it's power, but in principle, if the group have access to the
> wyter and continue to honour it in the traditional manner then they
> will continue to enjoy it's support.

As for a wyter not granting full powers to too few members, you can think of it as having a requirement of energy to operate fully. Without the minimal number of people, it just can't run. OTOH, as the number of worshipers grows, it *might* also be able to grant new powers, unknown to previous worshippers. Of cours, it may also never reveal those powers.

> Thunder Rebels certainly gave
> me the impression that an Orlanthi may belong to several groups,
> each with their own wyter - The Warband are still protected by the
> Clan Wyter as well as the Warband Wyter, for instance - providing
> they continue to perform all the necessary worship ceremonies.


Greg Stafford
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