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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 16:49:43 GMT

In message <> "John Harding" writes:

>I came across a Gloranthan illustration the other day of
>a "barbarian" type man wearing what appeared to be a broo skin. My
>immediate reaction was "Yuck whats he caught off that?!"

Could be some sort of bandit. Or maybe he is a broo who looks human and the broo skin is a deceased rival.

>My question is would your usual chaos hating Lightbringers/Praxians
>etc use material from dead chaos monsters or would they see them as
>evil/poisionous. Would they still be chaotic even if dead?

Maybe, maybe not. Would you risk you family on the possibility? It is possible to magically cleanse chaos from items but they need to be really valuable for someone to put in that much effort.

>i.e. would you see an Orlanthi hall with skin of the dead jack
>o'bear than Uncle Snorri killed next to the fire un pride of place
>or actually in the fire burning away?

IMG his wife/mother wouldn't allow it in the hall. The hearth is sacred and you don't pollute that fire with chaos. You burn chaos outside on bare rock and let Urox blow the ashes to the ends of the world. Even in the Lunar empire most people would react similarly. There's probably a Lunar nobleman who has such things hung on his wall but it will be seen as strange.

>If I can use a real world analogy we are afraid wolves but we have
>worn their skin. Then again humans have a sneaking admiration for
>predators but I am not sure if chaos monsters fall into the same
>bracket. Are they too foul?

Rats are a closer analogy than wolves but even that understates the loathing with which most Gloranthans view chaos.

Donald Oddy


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