Using dead chaos monster bits

From: John Harding <jrharding_at_SSbvb4FrPjhszcqRM0GeBVkV4TBQKRy-0sse4zq8sNpHF4lTwNA5Y4zEtfr8gxbCK8>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:37:18 -0000

I came across a Gloranthan illustration the other day of a "barbarian" type man wearing what appeared to be a broo skin. My immediate reaction was "Yuck whats he caught off that?!"

My question is would your usual chaos hating Lightbringers/Praxians etc use material from dead chaos monsters or would they see them as evil/poisionous. Would they still be chaotic even if dead?

i.e. would you see an Orlanthi hall with skin of the dead jack o'bear than Uncle Snorri killed next to the fire un pride of place or actually in the fire burning away?

If I can use a real world analogy we are afraid wolves but we have worn their skin. Then again humans have a sneaking admiration for predators but I am not sure if chaos monsters fall into the same bracket. Are they too foul?


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