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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 23:42:01 +0900

Thanks, Peter, Jamie and Greg.

>>Adjective 'Sharp' was also used in God Learner Version of Abiding Book. It
>>might be a random, or intentional coincidence. IIRC, in MSE the god
>>'Malkioneran the Devil' was the God of 'Sharp' Abiding Book.
>>(Isn't this opinion supported by Rokari?)

> I don't like the adjective "sharp" as it feels too modern and it isn't
> used
> in the MSE. The Rokari believe that Malkioneran is a false image of
> the one true god, Makan. In the Imperial Age, the worshippers of
> Makan and Malkioneran had complex issues about each other but
> weren't quite willing to put it to the test. To muddy waters, the
> Loskalmi consider Makan and Malkioneran to be the same devil.

I was wrong, "Sharp" Abiding Book of GL is in Revealed Mythologies p.16. Peter's answer is from MSE p.42.

> My imagery to Saintly Formularies are a sort of a colorful picture
> depicting each of lives of Saints. For many formularies are titled
'The Life
> of Saint []'.

>Actually, no. That's scriptures.

Currently HQ rulebook is not at my hand, but I suppose Jamie is right.

>I think so too. This would have been after Death had come, and the Saints
>provided a way to re-establish the flow of divinity back and forth.

Hmm, then saints have existed since the Death came. I am not sure the definition of Saints and Prophets.
In most simple game term, I suppose saints are entities who give spells to malkioni player characters (but not wizards). :)

Many saints are good for player characters for game and variety of spells. But not good for me and Theoblanc. :)

>My position is that these earlier religious works were written down
>in emulation of the Abiding Book and later misunderstood to have
>existed in written form long before the Abiding Book first existed.
>But before that time, the Malkioni were unable to obtain any
>religious insight or magic from the written word - if somebody
>wrote it down, it would be little more than uninspiring words on
>a page and to teach the truth of God to men, they had to use
>other methods.

Maybe, we must think more about the source of Wizardry magic, it is from Essence Plane, but I am not sure the conduit is spoken syllables, magic book (scripture, formulary, grimoire or so), or written characters (runes?).

And Greg, frankly speaking, what I want to know in another sense is that your current opinion of literacy rate of population in Glorantha West.


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