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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:33:49 -0700

> Walktapi soup is supposed to be very tasty, so long as you are careful to
> only cook and eat the octopus portion of this fearsome chaos beast. That's
> a
> clear (if rather old) example of Orlanthi culture making use of the body
> of
> a defeated chaos foe.

Actually, the main history (Wyrms Footprints p. 6) we have on eating Walktapus mentions:

  1. The trolls eatiing one that got caught in a Pillar of Fire
  2. Dragonewts sending a Walktapie to the coronation of Jarolar. The diners were *not* informed of what they were eating.
  3. Beatpot Aelwrin's recipe.

Orlanthi don't eat Walktapus (if they know what it is). The Lunar Army tried to use walktapus as a field ration, but the experiment didn't work.

Orlanthi don't tend to use weapons wielded by chaos beings. They are *far* less likely to use an actual body part. The rewards would have to be astronomical for them to do so. Other peoples might not be as squeamish, though any 8sanre* person would be very careful about what they wore/used from any chaos entity. (nb: Player Characters are rarely "sane" by that standard...)

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