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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 21:16:52 +0900

> Peter
>>My position is that these earlier religious works were written down
>>in emulation of the Abiding Book and later misunderstood to have
>>existed in written form long before the Abiding Book first existed.

> In other words, you're saying the Malkioni religion used only oral
> tradition until the Abiding Book?

I suppose Peter didn't say such thing.

>Rather magical knowledge about a Saint before the Imperial Age was
>transmitted in a variety of methods:

> - Memorization of a parable or sura (Kachasti)
> - Baptism in some sanctified water or drinking of some blessed
> elixir (Waertagi).
> - Pilgrimage to some holy place (Viymorni)
> - Meditation within the confines of a magical structure like
> Stonehenge or the Hagia Sophia (Kadeniti0
> - Introspective contemplation of some philosophical question.

>Each of these methods would have had strengths and weaknesses. I
>do feel that since the destruction of the Tadeniti, written magical
>knowledge was compatible only with the sorcerous (Zzaburite)
>perspective on the cosmos. It was only through the devotions of
>the Jrusteli (close to the lands of the erstwhile Tadeniti) that the
>Malkioni perspective was able to reconciled with writing. And it
>is typical of the God Learners that what was once a lost method
>has become the only mainstream method.

In this idea, Enrovalini (People of Zerendel and Brithos, sorcerers and most literate)
and Tadeniti (Book people, if survived after Vadeli War) can use "Book" magic even before AB. I suppose it might be as a grimoire, not as a scripture.

His idea that each six tribes had different methods of contacting to Otherworlds (and getting magic) might not be official, but interesting.

When AB appeared, some dramatic change occured. But I don't know what occured to the heroes before and after in rule term. Oh, wait. I completely forgot Black Horse County and Carmanians.


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