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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 19:48:59 GMT

In message <> Chris Lemens writes:

>1. Do Heortlings have the horse collar? Do the Lunars? (It is a type
>of harness that allows a horse to pull a plow through dense soil
>without choking.)

Or pulling wagons, carriages etc.

Checking Anaxial's Roster there are two types of horses possibly suitable for ploughing - the Daron and the Fronan. Only the latter are known in Peloria where the Carmenians have a few. So it looks like draft horses are rare or non-existant even among the Lunars and western nations.

Even those two wouldn't be as good as modern draft horses. While those are descended from the medieval knights' horse the selective breeding has made them bigger, stronger and more placid.

So there's no reason to invent the horse collar unless some of the Lunar nobility have carriages drawn by ordinary horses.

It looks like oxen are pretty much the standard draft animals which fits with an ancient rather than renassaince world.

Donald Oddy


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