Re: Dumb questions

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_8EKlm1QR98jIGUKEN7bXFiMjDlyLBRMX9l1XGS-sfaxbhOZm-RvImiuMehaLN7cw5HL5>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 18:11:50 -0000

> The West presumably does, since (if I remember rightly) its difficult
> to perform the couched lance cavalry charge without them. However,
> this does not mean that anyone else has adopted the things.

The Great Stirrup Controversy raises its head once again. It just depends on what kind of cavalry charges you want. Macedonian companion cavalry, Clibanarii and Cataphracts all are described in primary sources as making lance charges (although probably not couched lance charges) without stirrups. But they didn't make the knee-to-knee charges that the later Normans were so feared for.

Personally, I am fine with my Western knights being Clibanarii and Cataphracts but I will happily defer to Greg.


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